Welcome to George Washington Birthplace NM Blog!


Welcome to the Official George Washington Birthplace National Monument blog, one of your national parks and America’s Best Ideas! The purpose of this blog is to create a forum for you; our visitors, friends, fellow NPS employees, and/or interested internet browsers. The blog is a place to learn more about the natural, cultural, historical, and the community of national park staff and others here at George Washington Birthplace National Monument!

As the National Park Service moves toward a century of serving the American public in 2016, there is a “Call to Action” to focuses in on improve the connection between people and parks. One of the ways to achieve this goal is by going digital. A birthplace blog is a step in that direction as we share information on our park as a classroom with outdoor recreation opportunities in a culturally rich landscape. We hope the blog gives you a sense of the park’s pulse. We are all stewards of these national treasures and it is up to all of us to keep your national parks shining examples of what is best about this country and its people.

The blog will have a new entry every other Tuesday and will follow a certain pattern. The next entry, which we will call our first official blog, will be on a natural feature of the park. The following blog will cover a cultural/historical entry and then a topic connecting to the greater National Park Service. So, keep checking back for new and interesting information. Each entry is a call to visit us, or a park nearby, to make a discovery of your own!

George Washington took his first steps here in 1732 and we hope this blog marks the beginning of your “Walk with Washington.”


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